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The Nintendo Switch is mere days away from release and many of you will no doubt have your pre-order secured, ready to collect the shiny new system on March 3rd. One of the biggest questions many prospective owners will have is which route to take when it comes to software; given the portable nature of the console you may be seriously considering taking the digital download option (along with a new Micro SD card, of course), while those of you who love collecting things will no doubt already be resigned to inserting and removing those pesky game cards on a regular basis.

But what exactly do these game cards look like, and how do they shape up when compared to cards (and carts) used on previous generations of Nintendo - and rival - hardware? We couldn't allow this burning question to remain unanswered for a moment longer, so here's a totally excessive gallery which compares Nintendo Switch game cards - and their packaging - to pretty much every other system we could lay our hands on.

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Additional photography by Steve Bowling