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Nintendo of America is running a handful of tour weekends to promote the Nintendo Switch around the region in the upcoming weeks and months, and it's now outlined its formal plans for PAX South - that expo is running at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from 27th to 29th January.

The following Switch games are going to be playable at Nintendo's area.

Nintendo is keen to highlight that it's making an 'experience' of the demos, adding a bit of a creative flourish to its booth.

The main stage at the Nintendo booth will feature hands-on time with different Nintendo Switch games. But instead of a traditional booth setup, these games can be experienced in creative environments that show off the unique functionality of the Nintendo Switch system. For example, games can be played in the cross-section of an airplane to show how easy it is to take Nintendo Switch with you anywhere. Other games will be set up in a living room to highlight that Nintendo Switch is also a home gaming system that can be played on a TV. In addition to all the awesome Nintendo Switch experiences, the main stage at the Nintendo booth will feature hosted competitions, live demonstrations, video presentations and other fun Nintendo surprises.

Are any of you heading to PAX South to try out Nintendo Switch?