Earlier this year U Host came to the Wii U eShop, a debut effort by Bear Box Media. A party quiz game, it also gives players the ability to create their own competitions, and we were impressed by how fun it can be when played in groups, awarding it a 7 - 'good' - rating in our review.

The developer has now given us details of its next title - Scribble. It takes the core aspect of the equivalent Pictionary-based minigame in U Host and expands it across multiple modes. It's currently targeting an arrival in North America and Europe in the Holiday season, appropriately enough, and will have a budget price of around $4 / €4 / £3.

Some details and screens (via the developer) are below.


It includes 5 unique modes for up to 8 players: Versus mode (all against all), Teams (Red VS Blue, team sizes 2-6), Elimination (Players take turns drawing until someone fails to guess their picture, at which point they are eliminated from the game but can still guess other pictures), Barricade (Blockbusters inspired mode, in which teams try to reach the opposite side of a board from their starting point) and Tug'O'Draw (A team game, but everyone guesses. Whichever team guesses scores the point, and the other team loses one. First to reach 10 points, wins).


Scribble includes over 1500 words from 17 categories, such as Objects, Places and People. There's also the customary "Difficult" category, but there's also an "Easy mode" category, customised specifically for children, meaning kids can play alongside adults and still take part in both drawing and guessing.

Similar to U Host's question creator, players also have the option to create as many of their own words as they can think of, stored in a custom category that can be toggled on and off.


Scribble also includes game modifiers called "Mutators", which change the way in which the game is played and, specifically, how things are drawn. For example, Blackout mode covers the artist's screen with a black ink splat, making it tricky to see what they're drawing. Another example is Mirror Mode, which horizontally inverts where the artist is drawing. This can lead to some hilarious moments, when drawing something simple suddenly becomes seemingly impossible. These Mutators are entirely optional, and can be toggled on and off in the setup screen.


There's also a "Just Doodle" mode, which strips out the timer and the Mutators, giving players a mode where they can just sit back and practice their drawing, make their own rules, or even combine it with board-games such as Pictionary.

As expected with a title like this it makes good use of the GamePad and dual screen support. We're optimistic about this one considering the enjoyment we found with U Host, and a Holiday release window clearly taps into the ideal time for a game like this.

Let us know what you think of Scribble down in the comments.