As promised, The Pokémon Company has revealed a glut of new information on Pokémon Sun and Moon, including the exciting news that a demo isn't far away.

The demo is going to arrive on 18th October, available from the Nintendo website and the eShop; it'll give you the opportunity to team up with a 'special Pokémon', but in the interest of having a spoiler break we'll name that below the new video below. The latest information blow-out reveals some all-new features, in addition to the Starter Pokémon's evolutions.

If you want to see it check it out below, otherwise click away now.

It's certainly exciting that an Ash-Greninja will be usable and transferable to the full games. The Festival Plaza looks like a rather interesting online hub, while Poké Pelago will allow you to make stored Pokémon useful. We're not surprised that Mega Evolutions are back, but it's nice to get confirmation nevertheless.

Here's the Japanese video release, for those of you that would like to also see that:

Let us know what you think of the reveals, and those evolved Starters, in the comments below.