When you think Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you'd prefer) beat 'em up chances are the first things that come into your mind are names like Golden Axe, Alien Storm and - of course - Streets of Rage. The scrolling fighter was the arcade genre of choice before Street Fighter II showed up and made everyone potty about throwing fireballs at each other, and as a result there are numerous examples of this type on both the Genesis and SNES.

The guys over at iretrogamer have decided to take a look at some of the lesser-known examples on Sega's 16-bit. Some of these you'll have heard of even if you're not a Sega fan - Cyborg Justice being perhaps the most famous - but most are pretty left-field choices that only the most dedicated of Genesis lovers is going to know.

A big Nintendo Life shout goes out to Taito's eco-friendly Growl for its amazing music, Two Crude Dudes for its massive sprites and Mazin Saga for the fact that it combined side-scrolling action with one-on-one boss battles. Oh, and DJ Boy gets an honourable mention for its hilariously bad racial stereotypes - some of which were edited in the North American version.

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