The statistics keep rolling in for Niantic's Pokémon GO, with analytics companies tracking its performance and drawing up comparisons to highlight how significant the initial launch has been to date. SurveyMonkey Intelligence is the latest to pitch in, with a report summarised by a startling line - it's declaring Pokémon GO as the biggest mobile game in US history.

Its data - similar to others - is ultimately based on estimates, but nevertheless puts the GO peak so far at just under 21 million active users in a single day, a figure that takes it past the estimated peak for Candy Crush Saga. SurveyMonkey also reckons GO is "earning millions of dollars a day" on the App Store, but that's naturally very vague based on early data; other reports have put the daily figure at over $1 million, though naturally revenues get split multiple ways, with Nintendo receiving a relatively modest percentage.


SurveyMonkey also adds a little extra context to the statistics showing GO having more active users than the likes of Twitter at present in the US. It's used its data to produce the following graph, showing that GO is even chasing down Snapchat and Google Maps itself.


As highlighted in the report, long term success will be the biggest goal and challenge for Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. Apps such as Draw Something have gone viral in the past and fallen away rather quickly, so keeping Trainers engaged will be a key test.

In any case, around a week after launch the early data is clear - Pokémon GO has been an extraordinary success. It'll be interesting to see how well it sustains its popularity, and how much territories like Europe and Japan will boost it further.