Rise up

IronFall Invasion developer VD-Dev has lifted the lid on its next project, a racing game under the title RISE: Race The Future.

An arcade-style racer which draws on Sega Rally for inspiration, RISE is coming to a wide range of systems, including the Wii U, 3DS and (eventually) Nintendo NX. The developer is working with automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly, who is contributing some of his futuristic concept car designs to the game.

RISE is set in the near future where a new kind of "air lifting" wheel technology allows cars to race on all type of surfaces, including water. An arcade mode is included, as is a history mode which allows you to unlock a wide range of futuristic cars. There's even a plot behind the wheel-to-wheel action which will apparently reveal the real purpose behind RISE's "air lifting tech" vehicles.

RISE: Race The Future launches this winter, with the NX release coming in 2017.

[source twitter.com, via risethegame.com]