Digger Dan & Kaboom was a very decent DSiWare title, and so we were pleased to hear recently that it's coming to the 3DS eShop as Digger Dan DX. Publisher Four Horses has now confirmed that it's due a little sooner than expected.

In the original announcement it was pegged for a late Summer release, but courtesy of making quick progress with Nintendo's product testing department it's now been brought forward to 'the start of Summer', which shouldn't be far away. In this title you dig and puzzle your way through environments, with the following being promised.

  • All 100 levels from the original game, re-ordered to introduce new features more gradually.
  • 4 themed areas with all new graphics
  • Stereoscopic 3D layers
  • Improved audio
  • 60fps smooth action
  • 4 save slots

New screens have also been released showing the second area of the game, below. Check them out and let us know if you're intrigued by this one.

Digger Dan DX.png
Digger Dan DX2.png
Digger Dan DX3.png
Digger Dan DX4.png