Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo 64 is an interesting title in the history of the FPS genre; it played its part, alongside much-loved contemporaries like GoldenEye 007, in pushing first-person shooters onto another level. It arrived early on the system - when its library was still tiny - and generated a lot of buzz.

Modern eyes aren't so kind to its flaws, however, which include clunky design and obnoxious platforming segments; we shared some of our views on it in our retro review in 2013. The famous fog, however, could be argued as a positive limitation; it was likely necessary to make it work on the hardware, but added to the atmosphere.

In any case, we're intrigued to see that a remaster is coming to PC on 17th December; it essentially looks like an upscale of the old PC version, which to current-day standards makes it look like the cross of an FPS and Minecraft.

It's slightly strange to see this one get remastered when it's aged rather poorly. However, the sequel is regarded more fondly by some and considered to hold up better, and the same developer is releasing that on PC next year.

Seeing this certainly pushed our nostalgia button, though; Turok: Dinosaur Hunter may have been expensive and flawed, but it was a big part of our early N64 gaming days.

[source eurogamer.net]