Despite its limitations - such as only allowing files of 16MB and under! - the DSiWare platform served up some gems. Among our favourites were the Rytmik apps from Cinemax, which provided various themed music creation tool on the portable; at the time they left us rather impressed.

Pleasingly we don't have long to wait until the series comes into the current generation. Cinemax has issued an update on Rytmik Ultimate for the 3DS eShop, confirming that it's currently in the approval process with Nintendo and targeting a December release.

As for new features, Ultimate will bring various online features into the mix. You'll be able to share your compositions via the 'Rytmik Cloud', which naturally also play songs uploaded by others. Most pleasingly the online service will apparently also mean that "users may exchange their songs and cooperate on their composing"[sic]; the idea of working with a buddy on a great track is certainly appealing.

Let us know whether you're looking forward to this, and below is a video from the Summer in which Cinemax showed off some tracks created in the new app.