It's only natural that a number of promising game projects bite the dust - sometimes an artistic vision doesn't come together, another idea is pursued or the money runs out. The latter apparently ended a cool-sounding project at THQ, a publisher that fell into financial problems and had to ditch projects.

This notable casualty was an Avengers game, which was plotted in 2010/2011 and targeted to coincide with the first movie in the franchise. Intriguingly it wasn't a direct licensed tie-in, but rather an independent creative effort - with its own plot - that would have nevertheless tried to cash in on the popularity of the IP. Being developed by THQ's Australian studio, it began to shape up as an ambitious and expansive first-person action game. This was a departure from the standard third-person approach of Marvel games, and the combat system would have involved co-op combos.

It was planned for Xbox 360 and PS3, with a Wii U version that would have likely targeted the system's launch. Unfortunately THQ had its well-known financial problems as a result of failed releases, and as the Avengers game was among the more expensive projects still in the works it was dropped. That seems like a pity, as it had apparently progressed rather well.

All of this is outlined by occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson below, who has once again teamed up with Did You Know Gaming. Check it out and let us know what you think.