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Eurogamer has shared an update on this stock situation, with GAME's press office seemingly denying it was an issue while staff sources have stated that stock is gradually becoming available again (from today) in stores around the country.

Original Article:

It's easy to hit the wrong button with damaging consequences. Not so long ago your humble writer accidentally tapped a 'select all' button on a well known social media / career networking site and distributed over 300 automated messages - a "do you want to do this?" prompt before it happened would have been welcome.

It seems a store manager for GAME in the UK made a similar error with far worse consequences, inadvertently placing an order for the retailer's entire stock of Gift Cards. Amazingly this went through, so now there's a nationwide shortage as they've all gone to one location; the company is apparently now working to redistribute them nationwide. Until that happens some customers are being told they can't buy gift cards or trade in other games for store credit.

What's notable is not only the scale of the error but how it was interpreted - with good reason - online. When the company had financial issues and went into administration back in 2012 an early indication of its problems was in its withdrawal of gift cards; naturally some thought that was happening again.

Looking in from the outside GAME seems to be in reasonable health at present, and can presumably afford to ship thousands of gift cards back around the UK to its stores.

Still, be careful what buttons you click, ok?

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