Super Mario Maker is wonderful, at least in our humble opinion, and millions of stages have been created for us all to try. Naturally with so many people taking part there's scope for levels that are slightly peculiar of almost impossible to beat, yet it's the 'don't move' or 'keep running' stages that seem to be among the most popular when looking at the highest Starred courses.

From a gameplay perception these demand either nothing or minimal input, but are undeniably often impressive in scope, often downright outrageous in their trickery. Designers have learnt to mark them clearly, too, to avoid a whole load of frustration for the player who tries to 'play' a stage normally.

The following video is an interesting case and point, as a stage name in Japanese prompted the player - Jacob - to try and play it normally in 100 Mario Challenge. This video - on his channel Mr A-Game - perfectly encapsulates how unnatural these stages are without a clear instruction to leave that controller well alone.

This is an interesting topic. In our review we argued that a key strength of the game is how different the levels often are from 'normal' 2D Mario stages. Yet the abundance of don't move levels or others that are almost impenetrable prompt interesting debates around what good level design is - something raised by Alex Neuse from Choice Provisions when he shared a level here on Nintendo Life.

Let the design debate begin!