Yesterday we brought you the intriguing news of a Nintendo controller patent which featured rotational shoulder buttons. As we said these patents are not all destined to see the light of day, but nevertheless they do provide an interesting insight into what the creative minds at Nintendo are considering as features for the upcoming Nintendo NX platform.

Since that revelation yet another Nintendo patent has been uncovered by our inquisitive friend at NeoGAF:

Ok so digging a little deeper, and using this patent application's inventor as my lead, I found another interesting patent application. The applicant for this patent is Kazutoshi Obana who is the Group Chief at Nintendo of Japan.

United States Patent Application 20150263685 is entitled "Information processing apparatus, storage medium having stored therein information processing program, information processing system, and information processing method" and it's European counterpart European Patent Application EP2902879 is titled "Haptic based information processing apparatus, information processing program, information processing system, and information processing method".

Let's take a look at some diagrams from the patents:


The diagrams show a tablet-like device which has dual vibration sections pointing to controllable levels of vibration. Haptic feedback can be utilised to offer a sense of touch in a user interface design and provide information to an end user. This technology could be used to make up for the lack of a normal tactile response that the user would experience when pressing a physical button.

Could this be a gimmick which we might see the home console version of the NX platform use? Or is this just another case of a company patenting something just in case? As always, speculate away with a comment below.