Gunman Clive HD

Unless you've been hiding behind a tumbleweed, you've probably noticed that the Gunman Clive HD Collection is now on the Wii U eShop. In our review we awarded it a gunslinging 9/10 and said buying it is an absolute no-brainer. For the low price of entry, you are getting HD versions of not one, but two of the most impeccably-crafted action platformers of the last decade.

The talented solo Swedish developer Bertil Hörberg has been keen to promote the release on Twitter recently, and this tweet might get a few tongues wagging:

This is the ending sequence from Gunman Clive when playing as Chieftain Bob, a character previously only playable in Gunman Clive 2. We'd like to say we support Bob and Clive in their romantic encounter - it's a free country even in the Wild West.

Given the furore the lack of same-sex marriage possibilities in Tomodachi Life, it's refreshing to see Nintendo's lotcheck department allow scenes like this to make it to the Wii U eShop. Let us know if you've been enjoying the original Gunman Clive playing as Chieftain Bob with a comment below.