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Over the past 24 hours there's been plenty of online chat around an apparent GameStop-exclusive amiibo triple pack that'll go up for pre-order - in stores - on 8th August. Despite the attention it's received on Reddit, particularly, the retailer and Nintendo of America have so far remained quiet.

The triple pack in question will apparently contain R.O.B., Duck Hunt and Mr. Game & Watch amiibo toys, though the poster image that was first posted online was fuzzy and has been largely discredited. It seems that it could have been a sloppy effort from a store employee, though, as the pack itself seems to be real. Reddit mod FlapSnapple has been posting frequent updates on the amiibo sub-Reddit, and the weight of information being shared does suggest that we can give some credence to the reports that are apparently based on sources from the retail outlet.

Not that details haven't changed a great deal. Initially it was reported that only 'Pro' members of GameStop would have early access on 8th August to get in store and place an order. That requirement was apparently dropped, suggesting an initial negative reaction online prompted some dithering in GameStop; this criteria seems to be uncertain and changing on a daily basis.

It's all rumour until confirmed otherwise, but below is a summary of the latest information on this pack apparently on the way to North America.

  • Pre-orders to open at GameStop store in a special 1-hour event early morning event.
  • The requirement to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member seems to be changing day by day - for reference this costs $14.99 for a year, though some plan to take membership and then try to get a refund once their pre-order is placed. As this detail is constantly changing some plan to take out a membership to be certain of access to the pre-order event.
  • Only one triple pack per customer, $5 deposit.
  • Total price to be $34.99.
  • Some stores will put up a poster on Friday night with their stock allocation numbers.

Hopefully Nintendo and GameStop will clarify what's happening soon, as this pack is sure to be high in demand.