Quiet Collection.png

Quirky games are to be expected in download stores such as the eShop, and that's no bad thing. The Quiet Collection may fit into that category when it arrives on the North American Wii U store next week - the 23rd July release will cost $4.99.

What does five bucks get you? This collection from Nostatic Software actually includes "four old-school adventure games": Quiet, Please!, Quiet Christmas, Vacation Vexation and Candy, Please!. These titles have previously been released on a mix of iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone, each with their own scenario and rather charming pixel-based visuals.

They certainly look like intriguing titles, and below is a video posted by the developer showing a group of players tackling Quiet, Please! Are you interested in this release?

[source nostaticsoftware.com]