Tengami is a relatively unique proposition within the Wii U eShop catalogue, with Nyamyam delivering a slow-paced yet intriguing adventure that's accompanied by a gorgeous David Wise score. It's arguably a rather niche offering, with limited scope offset by a lovely pop-up artbook style and a focus on atmospheric gaming.

It certainly has its merits, though we've always been curious as to how it would perform on Wii U, especially as the console version costs more than the iOS equivalent. Speaking at the Develop conference, Nyamyam's Jennifer Schneidereit has provided an update on sales progress. The results below don't include recent PC humble bundle sales, but show that the Wii U has managed to return around 11,000 sales.

Image: Digital Spy

Schneidereit shared positive - albeit slightly mixed - messages on the Wii U store, also highlighting that she expects a steady accumulation of eShop sales in the coming months and beyond.

A lot of developers ask me about the Wii U, whether it's a good platform for independent developers. To be honest, I don't know if it's a good platform for independent developers, but I don't regret releasing on the Wii U.

We decided we're going to do a Wii U version, I worked under the assumption it would sell 10,000 copies - it sold a little bit more by now, so that's okay.

Speaking to other independent developers, there seems to be a consensus that the average indie game on the eShop has sold 10,000 copies in its lifetime - we've sold 11,000 now, and I think there's more room to grow. I think our lifetime sales will be closer to 20,000 in the end.

Overall the game has generated about $1.1 million in gross revenue, with around $650,000 going to platform holders such as Apple and Nintendo. Nyamyam is still deciding on a concept for its next project.

Are you a fan of Tengami, or still considering it for the future? Let us know.

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