Mario Tennis

The Nintendo 64 was home to various classics and also kickstarted some key franchises, and though Mario Tennis may not be on many top 10 lists for the system it is - in the opinion of this writer - up there with the most fun games on the console. Yes, that's nostalgia speaking.

One of a number of games on the N64 that had awesome multiplayer, this was the first entry in the spin-off series, in which everyone would try and be Boo because of his annoying trickshots. This one seems to be heading to the Wii U Virtual Console in this week's North American Download Update, too, if its game page is to be believed.

These game page release dates on Nintendo's site - before the formal update details are issued - aren't always 100% right, but with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash coming to Wii U this year it seems worth a mention.

If you're not sure of this ones merits a status as a Nintendo 64 gem, see if the footage below can sway you.