Nintendo's latest foray into its Art Academy series will no doubt appeal to the arty and the creatively-minded, but that's not the only audience that can benefit from Art Academy: Atelier (known as Art Academy: Home Studio in North America).

This reporter has barely touched an art supply in ten years, and has never really had much of an interest in producing any kind of fine art, but having a go at this new title proved that being a competent artist isn't the pipe-dream many believe it to be.

Check out this video below where you can see what following one of the earliest lessons in the game can help you to produce, even if you have no previous experience. Moreover these are real techniques that can be applied to real-life artistry, no tracing or clever digital shortcuts allowed!

The ambience, the charm, and the visuals in the game are all incredibly captivating, as you can discover for yourself by reading our glowing review of the title.

Art Academy: Atelier launches on 26th June 2015 in Europe and Art Academy: Home Studio launches on 25th June 2015 in North America.