WUP N AQPE Gameplay 5

Not so long ago we told you about Quadcopter Pilot Challenge, an upcoming Wii U eShop release from TACS games. Incorporating a third-person view on the TV and a first-person camera angle on the GamePad, it has a Pilotwings vibe while utilising the popular vehicles / toys as the star attraction.

For those in North America that were charmed by the idea there's some good news - the title has a confirmed release date of 2nd July in the region and will cost $8.99. Below is a description we gave it previously.

There'll apparently be over "200 challenges in 7 modes", along with three difficulty levels - the easier setting has protective prop guards on the copter, the middle setting makes these guards destructible, while the toughest setting is designed for the craft to drift and handle realistically, while also forcing you to use the GamePad view and a camera angle 'from the ground' for extra realism.

A European release is an aim for the future, but there's no window for that as yet.

You can check out a recent trailer for this below - are you interested in checking it out?