Ryu Smash Bros4

Nintendo knew what would happen when Masahiro Sakurai announced the immediate release of a substantial batch of Super Smash Bros. DLC, with the creative lead of the franchise stating in the broadcast that we should expect busy servers when trying to purchase the mix of characters, stages and Mii outfits.

The presence of Ryu, Roy and Lucas, in particular, has prompted a surge of traffic from excited Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS fans, and unsurprisingly the eShop has taken the hit. Though each game has its own internal store front, they ultimately connect to the eShop and our Nintendo Network IDs in the same core infrastructure as the main store. As the official network status page attests at the time of writing, this has caused some problems.

Plenty have taken to social media to highlight problems connecting, and Nintendo of America issued the following apology and plea for patience on Twitter.

Hopefully the eShop gridlock will ease relatively soon but, nevertheless, the DLC will still be waiting for everyone once the heat dies down.

Are you having trouble buying this Smash Bros. DLC?