Yoshi's Woolly World

You know that music video you've always wanted? The one where a boy expresses his love for a tiny, knitted, fictional, egg-laying video game character? Well want no more!

Yoshi has been my favourite character from the Nintendo universe for as long as I can remember. His gorgeous little face and that endearing little voice has propelled him to the top spot of my Mario Kart and Mario Party selection dilemmas ever since I first laid eyes on him, and now with Yoshi's Woolly World I think he may have reached an unbeatable level of cuddly cuteness.

So I give you 'My Woolly World'. A song about my love for my very own Yarn Yoshi. I should probably warn you now that a particular scene in this video has been known to make full-grown, bearded men cry. Let us know if you enjoyed the video in the comments and whether or not you'll be picking up the game when it is released on June 26th (UK) / October 16th (US).

As with my last musical adventure ('Colourful Death' - Splatoon), you can find lyrics to the song and links to my personal YouTube channel and Twitter account below if you're interested in seeing more of my work.

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As I close my eyes every night, there's just one thing on my mind
It's you
My friends will never understand (Get over it, it's just a toy)
But I'll take a stand for you

Maybe I'll never have eggs for breakfast without feeling guilty
Maybe I'll never have any kids 'cause I'd be told to give you to them
But I'd trade everything that I own just to spend all my days with you
If you could speak you'd say the same thing too
Oh Yoshi

I've seen the way you help your friends, how you transform and back again
An umbrella, a plane and a motorbike
The list goes on

Maybe I'll never get through a park without picking up yarn eggs
Maybe I'll never walk past a store without buying more apples again
But I'd trade everything that I own just to spend all my days with you
And your little woolly shoes
Oh Yoshi

I'll teach you to play the guitar
We'll sing underneath shooting stars
And then in return you can teach me to make little eggs that are made out of yarn
We'll snuggle to keep out the cold
You'll always be mine to hold
And I'll do my best to keep you by my side and look after you as we grow old

Maybe I should've tried to find another way to be happy
Maybe I shouldn't have put all my eggs in one basket with you
But I'd trade everything that I own just to spend all my days with you