Silver Super Mario Amiibo

Back in early February documentation was found for special edition Gold and Silver Super Mario amiibo, and after a few months of pretending the rumours didn't exist Nintendo of America confirmed the gold figure. A Walmart-exclusive limited edition in North America, it was released alongside Mario Party 10 but rapidly became one of the rarest and most eagerly scalped of amiibo toys; it's yet to be confirmed for any other regions.

The silver amiibo never surfaced, but a video from YouTuber MatteoMaxM reportedly shows one in action. Acquired from a Chinese auction site, it's in unofficial packaging but, as shown below, appears to be legitimate.

It's apparently relatively common for NFC toys, in particular, to be sold on auction sites such as that used to find this one. With so many goods manufactured in China it often happens that technology (and in this case toys) can be leaked or stolen before being sold for a handsome profit. That seems to have been the case here.

Does that mean the Super Mario: Silver Edition is still coming? Not necessarily, as we don't know whether this figure - assuming it's as real as it appears to be - was part of a mass-batch or a small test sample. What's clear from the video, however, is that Mario Party 10 does have the data to recognise and use the toy.

No doubt we'll find out from Nintendo in good time. Would you go out of your way to grab one of these if it's eventually released?