Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has now arrived in North America, completing its roll-out across all territories. The first exclusive on the New Nintendo 3DS XL, it sees Monster Games succeed in porting one of the most sizeable Wii U experiences onto a portable.

In our Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review (where we awarded 9/10) we were full of praise, albeit acknowledging that - at times - the adventure feels best suited to play on a TV.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is a high-quality port of one of the Wii's most demanding yet brilliant experiences. A sizeable and stunningly diverse world, full of wildlife and fantastical cultures, is admirably recreated for the small screens of the New Nintendo 3DS. Its natural home may be on the TV, but this release gives more gamers an opportunity to set off on a lengthy and dramatic adventure. A brilliant portable version of a true classic, fans of RPGs willing to commit themselves to the task of saving Bionis shouldn't hesitate to pick this up - it is, quite simply, the biggest world we've experienced on such small screens.

It's an interesting title not only for being such a surprising candidate for a portable release, but also as an exclusive on the New Nintendo 3DS systems. That double whammy perhaps led to an underwhelming chart début in the UK, while in Japan it fared reasonably but nevertheless didn't storm the charts; will it do better in North America?

Let us know if you're jumping into this huge adventure on the New Nintendo 3DS / XL, or why - perhaps - you're not tempted by it.