Pokemon Rumble World

Pokémon Rumble World, Nintendo's latest dalliance with free-to-play on the 3DS, arrives today - 8th April. Just recently announced, it takes the button mashing brawling series into microtransaction territory and is set to include all Pokémon that we've seen to date, including many Mega Evolutions.

It's already available, at the time of writing, in Europe, and the in-game economy revolves around either purchasing or earning Poké diamonds; these are needed in order to purchase travel balloons (areas), tackle special levels with more collectibles, or a range of other items.

Pricing in Europe is as follows (thanks, Serebii):

50 Poké Diamonds (Limited offer): €0.49 / £0.49
200 Poké Diamonds (Limited offer): €1.79 / £1.59
50 Poké Diamonds: €0.69 / £0.69
100 Poké Diamonds: €1.29 / £1.19
200 Poké Diamonds: €2.39 / £2.19
500 Poké Diamonds: €5.49 / £4.99
1000 Poké Diamonds: €9.99 / £8.99
1750 Poké Diamonds: €15.99 / £14.39

We're currently working on a review and will be checking this out. Have you downloaded this yet? If so, what do you think?