Mark Stevenson, of Playtonic Ltd, has decided to throw Project Ukulele fans another tantalising tidbit regarding the studio's current project. Playtonic Ltd is mainly made up of ex Rare staff and has been putting itself around a great deal to build anticipation for its upcoming project.

Since the announcement that Project Ukulele would be making its way to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in May, fans have been eagerly anticipating its arrival primarily due to its status as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie. Playtonic has been keen to keep the bulk of Project Ukulele a secret, but so far has decided to reward its fans with a unique look at its in-engine minion.

When asked recently about what game he would most like to play this year, Stevenson said the following - possibly with a nudge to accompany the wink:

It was Zelda, although recent news suggests this has been pushed to 2016 now! If we just said 'What upcoming games am I most looking forward to on Wii U' then It would definitely be Zelda and Project Ukulele, of course *winks*

When asked if Project Ukulele would be coming to the 3DS, meanwhile, the commitment is down to Unity support - the New Nintendo 3DS has Unity support on the way - but also the level of funding available.

We'd like to bring Project Ukulele to as many gamers as possible, and on as many platforms as possible. We're developing the game in Unity, so this also makes it easier to port to different consoles and ideally we'd love to add platform specific features as well. Let's see how the Kickstarter goes!

It'll be interesting to see how Project Ukulele shapes up through Kickstarter in the future and beyond, and to see the breakdown of platforms in the core goal and as stretch goals; where will the Wii U feature?