Pokemon Rumble World Final

Nintendo's recently released free-to-play titles have been designed to challenge and push players to their limits in the hope they will at some point seek aid via their wallets.

Elements such as set timers, movement limits and special tasks spread out over a day, week or month add to the temptation. If a user runs out of turns and would like another go, they can either stick it out and wait for whatever it is to replenish or buy some more in-game currency with their eShop credit, or nearest card / voucher, and get straight back into the action.

With this pay-to-play driven approach in mind, it's unsurprising that some will look to hack their way to unlocks of various cases. This may just be one of those cases, with iDigitalTimes listing a series of one-use hacked passcodes for the 3DS eShop title, Pokémon Rumble World.

The hacked passcodes cover the US, Europe and Japan and unlock new Pokémon, additional gifts such as new outfits and even, if you dig deeper beyond that initial link above, some in-game currency in the form of diamonds. It is safe to say Nintendo planned to distribute these codes over time.

Let us know in the comments if you intend to be slightly naughty and take advantage of these passcode leaks for the micro-transaction title.