Any game based on the hugely popular AVGN web-series is going to be full of profanity, of course - Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, being relatively faithful to the source material, is therefore a mature game. We acknowledged this in our review for the game, with the following observation / warning.

Expletives and excrement abound, none that we'll be sharing here, but we will say there's a level based on the old porn games of the Atari days. This isn't a game for the kiddies, of course, but they aren't likely to get many of the other references anyway.

That's fine, too. It's a mature game, that's what parental controls and ratings are for. Naturally, though, Nintendo has found a way to annoy its fans, by initially allowing screenshots on the Wii U Miiverse community and then removing them a couple of days after the title launched. It suggests Nintendo wasn't really paying attention as the game went live - the developers will have added screenshot support, and the big N allowed it to happen.

We've seen Nintendo get heavy-handed on Miiverse before, even when it's the company's own fault that mature content has been posted. We've had a number of readers get in touch about this, and having looked at the Miiverse community thought we'd share some of the entirely reasonable but disgruntled comments that have been shared on the topic.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments. Censorship, sensible moderation, flaws in the Miiverse design? A mix of all three?