Comic Workshop

While Miiverse is certainly popular with a number of Wii U and 3DS owners, it's had some moments of controversy. Many of these relate to the availability and then removal of screenshot functionality, often as a result of Nintendo trying to moderate inappropriate content.

Comic Workshop fell victim to controversy on this score, with screenshot sharing disabled around a day after release. We cited this as a disappointment in our review, in which we awarded 8/10 having been impressed by the app. The loss of such an immediate option to share work was a blow, and fans of the app were certainly disappointed.

The pleasing news, though, is that screenshot sharing is coming back to this game's Miiverse community soon. Publisher Collavier Corporation has been in touch with Nintendo Life to confirm that an update will go live on 14th May to bring screenshot sharing back to Miiverse for the app - this applies to both North America and Europe.

That's certainly good news for fans, though does raise the question of what's changed to make this possible; after all, the issue that prompted the initial removal of screenshots was one of inappropriate images being shared. Possible solutions are that the app will auto-submit to an online service for moderation before posting to Miiverse, or there's simply been an agreement between Nintendo and Collavier to monitor the Miiverse board closely. We've followed up with Collavier to clarify these details.

All of that aside, Miiverse screenshot sharing is coming back to Comic Workshop on 14th May, which is pleasing news for those keen to show off their work.