It's Spring-time, which means the inevitable limbo that comes with a new Call of Duty release; the Wii U had two CoD games in a row before missing out on the most-recent entry. Now we have Black Ops III on the way, and the presence of a Nintendo Network ID registration option on the franchise website has sparked rumours that the latest entry will come to the Wii U. Nintendo's system did have a rather good version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and the developers of the latest title - Treyarch - are veterans with Nintendo hardware.

With that in mind Nintendo fans may have half an eye on the web on 26th April, which is when Activision will roll out its full reveal of the new entry. Ahead of then, however, we have a teaser trailer that sets the scene - set in the future rife with artificial abilities that are a consequence of technological advances, it's all a bit Deus Ex. Oh, who are we kidding, it is Deus Ex.

In any case the teaser is below, so check it out and share your hopes and dreams - or not as the case may be - that this'll make its way to Wii U.