Xenoblade Chronicles 3D isn't far away, and it'll be the first game exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS and XL. Ahead of its April arrival we can expect plenty of marketing and focus on the impressive Monolith Soft RPG, too, which is coming to the portable courtesy of the porting skills of Monster Games.

Fans of the Wii original certainly know what to expect, but this release also has the potential to attract newcomers that skipped the home console version, with this version being given far great profile and prominence in the West. In Japan, too, portable gaming is a bigger attraction - typically - than home consoles, so it could be a key release for hardware sales of the New system in Nintendo's homeland.

With that in mind we have a new video from Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel which shows plenty of rather handsome footage. It's in Japanese, naturally, but it's a stylish look at what's coming up.

Are you excited about this one on New Nintendo 3DS, or perhaps still on the fence? Let us know.