Thor Aackerlund and Patrick Scott Patterson

A quarter of the century ago Nintendo held the first round of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships in Texas, and this weekend there will be a special event to mark this anniversary.

Taking place across two days - March 7th and 8th - at the newly-opened store Freaks and Geeks in Denton, Texas, the event will be attended by none other than Thor Aackerlund - who was eventually crowned the sole winner of the nationwide tour's finals in Universal Studios, Hollywood - and will feature the screening of films related to the championships. There will also be a special competition on NES Remix 2's "Nintendo World Championships Remix" on the Wii U, which aims to replicate the NES line-up played during the event 25 years ago.

Video game personality Patrick Scott Patterson - who himself reached the Dallas semi-finals in 1990 - is the promoter of this event, and had this to say about the forthcoming celebration:

Nobody had attempted a video game competition on such a grand scale before the NWC did. Over a million players took part in the competition as it went across North America that year and it all started right here in North Texas. The true birth of eSports started here. It is important to recognize and celebrate this history.

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