Looking good

Square Enix has revealed that a demo for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will be hitting the Japanese 3DS eShop next week - March 11th, to be precise.

Two songs will be playable in the demo - "Adventure" from Dragon Quest III (field stage) and Dragon Quest V's battle theme.

A sequel to Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest offers the same kind of rhythm-based gameplay but with music from the Dragon Quest series taking the place of Final Fantasy - obviously.

While Dragon Quest isn't as well known as Final Fantasy in the west, in Japan it's arguably the bigger series - hence the incredible amount of interest surrounding this forthcoming release in that particular region.

There's no word on whether or not Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will be coming to the west, and Square Enix's recent track record with localising titles from the series hasn't been great. However, the company has recently confirmed that Dragon Quest Heroes is coming out on the PS4 in North America and Europe, so you never know.

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[source inside-games.jp, via nintendoeverything.com]