Although it arrived in Europe a couple of weeks ago, Hyrule Warriors fans in North America can now enjoy the latest (and final?) major DLC pack for the action title. Although not mentioned in the North American Nintendo Download Update, the Boss Pack can be bought for $2.99 or comes free if you have a Season Pass.

The core functionality, as summarised on the official website, is as follows.

  • Boss Challenge - Challenge yourself in relentless battles against giant bosses to unlock new costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.
  • Ganon's Fury - Play as Ganon, rain chaos and destruction upon the battlefield, and unlock new costumes for Ganondorf and Cia.

The update should also come with an update to version 1.6.0, as was the case in Europe.

  • Max level raised
  • New mixture potions added
  • New medals added
  • Challenge mode expanded
  • Score recording function added
  • Challenge scenarios added
  • Bug that extends load times when entering battles fixed

Are you keen to give this chaotic DLC a spin? Let us know.