Dropping bombs

BLOK DROP X Twisted Fusion developer RCMADIAX has taken to Twitter to report that European sales of the game have surpassed expectations, with the title being downloaded almost twice as many times on its day of launch than it did in North America.

Launching a game in Europe isn't as easy as it is in North America, thanks to the fact that you're dealing with multiple countries with different languages and age ratings, and the process is, in general, more complicated and costly - as our very own Tom Whitehead revealed in his excellent feature on the whole procedure.

As a result, there are still many 3DS and Wii U eShop titles which remain unreleased in that region. The fact that Europe offers a smaller user base also presents something of a barrier to many developers and publishers.

However, despite these facts, RCMADIAX have revealed that the game has been more successful in Europe than North America. You can view the relevant tweets below.




[source gonintendo.com]