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Sega is putting the rubber to the road again with Out Run coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The arcade title was originally released in 1986 featuring an arcade cabinet that had the appearance of the game's slick sports car; it's the third in the 3D remaster project's second series and the eleventh overall. In an interview with Sega Blog, Yosuke Okunari of Sega of Japan, and Naoki Horii, the president of M2 - the team in charge of the port - talk about the transition the game went through being ported to Nintendo's latest handheld.

From a game design standpoint the issue that stood as a roadblock for the team was how to improve upon the original, while maintaining the classic foundation. The framerate became the major point of contention in achieving this. The original arcade machine ran at 30 FPS, which was different from other titles of the time. In response to this, M2 has managed a feat of technical wizardry, allowing only the game's roads to run at 60 FPS while all other objects whiz by the player at 30 FPS.

Not only will the cars race down the tracks in a smoother fashion, but also there will be more to see.The 1986 classic ran a 4:3 display, which has been updated to widescreen for the 3DS release. This upgrade reveals previously unseen parts of the screen and makes the entire picture clearer as a whole.

The game, and all the memories associated with it, will release on the Nintendo eShop on 12th March. Are you going to download this one? Do you like when companies bring classics to new platforms?

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