Renegade Kid has been a longtime supporter of the Nintendo eShop, with games such as Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifter, Bomb Monkey, and more periodically turning up through the storefront's lifespan. Particularly fond of retro inspired games - with Moon Chronicles and ATV Wild Ride 3D being notable exceptions - the studio's shown creativity and passion in its output. While not all of Renegade Kid's games have been easy recommendations, the loyalty this studio has shown to Nintendo cannot be understated.

Today on Twitter, studio lead Jools Watsham, revealed that Mutant Mudds was the studio's best selling game, with Moon Chronicles coming in second place. We awarded Mutant Mudds a 9/10 in our review, praising it for its tight controls, strong level design, and old-school visuals. Additionally, the amount of post release support has been excellent, with free DLC adding significantly more value to the game. We also gave Moon Chronicles: Epsiode 1 a “good" recommendation, and the last 3 episodes in the season were just added this week. A handy, retro-style infographic was shared in the post, visualizing the difference in sales for the studio.

Renegade Kid Sales

With Treasurenauts and the second season of Moon Chronicles on the way, Renegade Kid's got plenty to be excited for in its future. What do you think? Are you a fan of Renegade Kid's work? Sound off in the comments below.