Puzzle & Dragons

About a month ago, we reported on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition coming to Nintendo 3DS. A most curious mashup, it aims to take characters and locations from the Super Mario series and place them in a Puzzle & Dragons game. Puzzle & Dragons is itself a mash-up, blending match-three puzzle gameplay with RPG elements. While the series has yet to establish itself in the west to match success in Japan, the upcoming Super Mario flavoured title is set to be its debut.

In the most recent issue of Famitsu, several details about Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition were revealed. Players will be able to select either Mario or Luigi as team leaders and teams will contain up to six characters; consisting of the leader, the assist character, and four partners.

Characters can be powered up at Toad Houses via the usage of an item obtained from enemies or question blocks, and the player will be able to synthesize two characters by turning one into experience points that will be absorbed by the other.

Worlds will be typical New Super Mario Bros. fare, consisting of a grassland, a desert, a sky zone, etc., and each world will have a unique element that will dictate the enemy variety. Some stages will include secret passages that lead to underwater sections, as well.

The idea behind Puzzle & Dragons certainly sounds like an interesting concept, we'll be looking forward to its release. What do you think? Are you looking forward to this series' debut? Sound off in the comments below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]