You'd be forgiven for forgetting about 90's Arcade Racer - a game that was first announced back in January 2013 - but we can confirm that it is still very much alive, as this first gameplay video proves.

Developer Antonis "Pelikan13" Pelekanos has made it clear in the past that 90's Arcade Racer is a love letter to Sega's own line of coin-op speed-fests - most notably Daytona USA - and this initial footage shows that he's done an excellent job of paying tribute to those coin-guzzling classics.

The handling appears to be pretty spot-on, with the stock car drifting into corners nicely. It's also encouraging to see that Pelekanos - who is creating this game solo, we should add - has done a superb job of recreating the incredible track-side detail that was so common in Sega's titles.

At one point, a whale leaps over the track (a possible nod to Sonic Adventure, perhaps?) and shortly afterwards the car drives in-between the legs of a huge robot statue. Later on in the video, there's a woodland racecourse which looks like it was lifted directly from Sega's Virtua Racing. There also appears to be an option to play the game using a CRT-like screen filter, which emulates the scanlines which were common on '90s television sets.

We've been dying to play this game ever since it was announced - hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for it to hit the Wii U eShop.