No longer available on the eShop

In late November Nintendo posted a notification on the 3DS eShop to advise that the Game Boy Virtual Console version of Tetris and the retail game of the same name would be withdrawn at the end of 2014. No reason was given, but we'd bet it's down to licensing rights, as this coincidentally happened shortly after Ubisoft title Tetris Ultimate arrived on the portable.

Unfortunately this seems to have hit North America at the same time, but without the one month notice given in Europe. So that's the Game Boy original and 2011 game Tetris Axis - as it's known in the region - that have disappeared from the eShop. Those that already own the games will be able to re-download them - if required - as normal in the future, but they're no longer available for purchase.

It seems particularly unfair that these games were also removed in North America without the courtesy of a warning; it's also a pity that the title that did so much to establish the Game Boy as a global best-seller is no longer part of the Virtual Console.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.