We're pretty big fans of Retro City Rampage DX here at Nintendo Life, as its blend of chaotic retro GTA-style action and a whole load of '80s and '90s references come together into a hugely entertaining package. Though excellent on WiiWare, the DX edition on the 3DS eShop is the most feature and content-packed version on Nintendo hardware [Correction: the WiiWare version has also been updated with the DX content].

One disadvantage on the 3DS, however, is the absence of dual stick aiming, an option that made the Classic Controller / Pro a must on Wii. Though he hasn't previously been able to support the Circle Pad Pro, developer Brian Provinciano has tweeted confirmation that he's now producing an update to support the C-Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS.

The C-Stick does work differently from a Circle Pad, functioning as a pressure based nub, but we're still pretty pleased that dual stick aiming is on the way.

Will you be checking this out on the New Nintendo 3DS, or sticking to the existing controls on a standard 3DS? Let us know.