Paper folding fun

Our friends at CIRCLE Entertainment who are based in China are quite prolific on the 3DS eShop, bringing some pretty great games from little known developers to our dual-screen devices. Their latest game which should be out very soon is KAMI, a deceptively simple puzzler where the player folds out colored paper to fill the screen in with few moves as possible.

Created by State of Play – famous for their handcrafted aesthetics – KAMI has been created with real paper in an elegant Japanese theme. The game promises to be relaxing and easy to pick up and that you'll find yourself deep in contemplation to perfect each puzzle.

With 63 unique puzzles, a hints system and a calming and elegant soundtrack this promises to be a worthy addition to your 3DS eShop collection. Take a look at the YouTube clip below and our screenshot gallery and let us know what you think with a comment below.