In a segment unique to the North American Nintendo Direct, we had a brief look at some upcoming releases for the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores. Some details reiterated what we already knew, including release information for the concluding parts of Moon Chronicles and others, but there were some fresh games to take in.

First up was Elliot Quest published by PlayEveryWare, an RPG adventure with five dungeons and 16 bosses, while also sporting rather attractive 2D pixel-based visuals; it's due in February.

Also confirmed for a February arrival is Blek, a combined project by Broken Rules - which released Chasing Aurora as a Wii U eShop launch title - and kunabi brother, this is a simplistic and relaxing experience originally released on iOS; it looks like it'll utilise the GamePad touchscreen and potentially the Wii Remote pointer.

Finally, Gunman Clive 2 was shown once again, this time with a January release. If that's the case then that will be a surprise treat this month.

All of these release windows are for North America, though we'd hope that Europe won't be too far behind. Do any of these games appeal to you?