When amiibo launched in November it didn't take long for attention to be directed towards inevitable manufacturing errors. With millions of units sent out into the world mistakes are inevitable, and for a time silly amounts of money were being paid for 'rare' and defective amiibo; whether they were genuine bids or not, examples such as a legless peach or dual-wielding Samus seemed to sell for thousands of dollars.

Like all fads this has quickly faded away, with wannabe amiibo entrepreneurs now seeming to struggle to attract many bids for their quirky little toys. In any case, when reader 'toasterkit' sent us a tip for another example we though we'd delve into the weird world of an 'amiibo defect' search on eBay.

The best result we found, and one that's actually attracting decent bids, is this hugely creepy Diddy Kong that's missing a lower jaw. Nightmarish stuff, as you can see below.

Diddy No Jaw

The example from our tipster isn't bad either - a dual wielding Pit - that is struggling, so far, to hit it off with bidders in the same manner as previous dual wielding figures.

Pit Dual Wield

Another that's struggling to live up to the bidding of its predecessors - no bids at the time of writing - is this Princess Peach amiibo with its legs on backwards; clearly being legless is what brings in the big bucks if you're a plastic toy.

Peach Reversed Leg

Finally we have a Samus amiibo that's suffered an unfortunate injury; she's basically missing a foot.

Samus No Foot

It can be oddly entertaining to browse defective amiibo listings, even if the gold rush and ludicrous bids are a thing of the past.

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