Sonic boom!

As you may be aware, Sega fanboy and occasional Nintendo Life video contributor Tyler Esposito runs The Sega Channel, one of YouTube's best sources of original Sega video content. He has shared many videos taken during his youth, including this heart-warming clip of him and his late father extolling the virtues of Sega's Genesis / Mega Drive system for the benefit of their Nintendo-owning relations.

Given the time of year, it's fitting that Esposito's next home video relic is based around the topic of Christmas. Back in 1993, he was lucky enough to get a shiny new copy of Sonic CD, arguably one of the best titles for Sega's much-maligned 16-bit CD-ROM attachment.

During the clip, Esposito's first reaction to that amazing animated introduction sequence is captured on video, as is the moment when his cousin beats the game later that day — only to find that the "true" ending eludes him as he didn't collect those all-important Chaos Emeralds.

It may not be related to Nintendo (aside from a brief cameo by a Game Boy) but it perfectly sums up the magic of gaming at Christmas. Let us know if you recall getting a visit from Sega's blue blur on Christmas morning by posting a comment below.

Image credit: Sega of America