While the early 2015 amiibo figures will be available — or not if the stock situation remains messy — at all major retailers in Europe, there have been some exclusivity deals arranged in the US. To date Lucario has been confirmed for Toys "R" Us, Shulk for GameStop and Meta Knight for Best Buy. It seems Target has secured the final exclusive figure looking for a home in the US, with Rosalina & Luma coming to the retailer early next year.

Rosalina Luma

That wraps up the retailer exclusives in the US, and as we're on the topic of amiibo we may as well highlight more fun examples in the peculiar trend of defective toys. First up we have a dual-wielding Marth that, refreshingly, isn't being flogged on eBay — at least not yet. Already out of its packaging, the following image of this toy was sent to GameSpot:

Dual Wielding Marth

Meanwhile, a quick search on eBay proves that plenty are still trying to cash in on defective amiibo. Some are somewhat laughable, claiming that a 'bent sword' is rare, while others have missing hands or limbs; there even seems to be another legless Peach amiibo in Mexico, with a previous example reaching a wacky final bid of $25,100.

Are you planning to pick up a Rosalina & Luma amiibo, or would you rather rob a bank and buy a defective toy?

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