With stores having now closed after their Black Friday week's discounts we can expect plenty of focus on sales numbers, with the upcoming NPD results and sales around different countries eagerly awaited. Nintendo offered key bundles with Wii U and 3DS / 2DS, though the consensus for the US in particular is that Microsoft slashed prices the most to push sales of the Xbox One.

That seems to have paid off, at least according to research firm Infoscout, which has the Xbox One 'winning' Black Friday among home consoles. Of the consumer feedback Infoscout acquired Microsoft's current-gen system attracted 53% of home console market sales in the US, with PlayStation 4 on 31%; the Wii U claimed just 6% in its results, even behind the Xbox 360 with 9%.

Gaming Market Share
Console Purchases

As you can see in the second chart, the special edition red 3DS XL with New Super Mario Bros. 2 seemed to perform well at Walmart, with a Wii U bundle taking third at Target. In another set of results asking whether a console purchase by adults was for their kids, meanwhile, Wii U was top at 92% — evidence that Nintendo's family-oriented approach is at least paying some dividends.

It's worth observing that this is merely data from one research firm, which by its nature isn't definitive. The data was gathered from over 180,000 receipts submitted via a smartphone app, so only represents a percentage of willing consumers as opposed to solid retail numbers. It's an indication and some interesting data, but little more.

What's your perspective from the Black Friday sales in your area? Do you feel Nintendo had a strong weekend, or did its systems lag behind competitors? Let us know in the comments below.

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