Rebirth for the very first time?

The Binding of Isaac may be one of the most-discussed games in Nintendo circles that hasn't yet appeared on a Nintendo system. The original title was denied publication by The Big N in 2012, seemingly over the nature of its content. Since then, the idea that The Binding of Isaac may still appear on the Wii U or 3DS has reared its head several times. It's a tortuous state of limbo for fans of the game, which is actually somewhat fitting, in a way.

The latest tease of Isaac potentially coming to a Nintendo system comes courtesy of Tyrone Rodriguez. His studio, Nicalis, recently released the updated and remastered The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on other systems, but it's been known that Rodriguez has had desires to release the game on the Wii U and 3DS as well. In that case, a photo released today on his Twitter account may not come as too much surprise.


At first it just looks like Isaac running on a TV. Look down in the corner, however, and you'll see it. It's not in full view, of course, but all signs seem to suggest that Nicalis is working on Splinter Cell Blackli--

Oh, sorry! Wrong corner. There's a 3DS down there, and it looks to be running some version of The Binding of Isaac! There are no other details at this time, but it certainly keeps the buzz alive.

Do you think this photo is an omen of things to come, or just a cruel trick of the Dark One? Let us know below.