We love a good LEGO game here at Nintendo Life, and when that game also features the Dark Knight we're pretty optimistic that it will be a winner. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will be taking a trip down memory lane and will celebrate Batman's 75th Anniversary — Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is bringing back a blast from Batman's past, namely Adam West, the star of the 1960's Batman television series, as he reprises his role as the Dark Knight (and as himself); that's pretty batastic.

In advance of the game's release next week, let's take a look at some of Batman's awesome new suits. In addition to new capabilities for the caped crusader, there are also some nostalgic and adorable LEGO tributes to Batman's history.

Bat Suit

Bat Suit - This ultimate super hero ensemble features a weighted cape and a cowl outfitted with night-vision technology and communications arrays. The utility belt also contains an arsenal of crime-fighting gear, including various types of offensive Batarangs.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne - Keeping your super hero identity a mystery requires the need for the perfect alias (and alternate wardrobe). Bruce Wayne is just the man for the job.

Sonar Suit

Sonar Suit - The sonic pulse emitted through Batman's sonar suit ensures nothing will get in his way of saving the galaxy!

Space Suit

Space Suit - Batman's space suit is equipped with a jet pack for nimble space flight and hard-to-reach areas. Nothing's out of reach when the Dark Knight dons this guise!

Electricity Suit

Electricity Suit - With immunity to electricity, this suit gives Batman the ultimate defence. Need a charge? Simply take it to the closest electric current and give your crime fighting a jolt!

Scuba Suit

Scuba Suit - A scuba suit in space? Batman always comes prepared. Equipped with built in swimming and diving capabilities, this suit is the perfect companion when things start getting a little wet!

Sensor Suit

Sensor Suit - Complete with stealth mode and X-ray vision, Batman's sensor suit will show you the way when the path is unclear!

Arctic Suit

Arctic Suit - Those pesky villains are sure to stop, or should we say freeze, when Batman dons his arctic suit with Freeze Gun accessory.

Power Suit

Power Suit - Giving Batman the power of super strength and explosive rockets, this armour allows our Caped Crusader to take care of anything that gets in his way.

'66 Batman Suit

'66 Batman Suit - Celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary wouldn't be complete without 1966 Batman. Voiced by the legendary Adam West, players will have a blast from the past with the game’s 60s mode.

What's your favourite bat-costume? Will you be bat-grabbling a copy of this game for yourself next week?

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is out on the Wii U and 3DS on 11th November in North America and 14th November in Europe.

Which of these Bat Suits is your favourite? (94 votes)

  1. Bat Suit5%
  2. Bruce Wayne (it's a suit and he's Batman, so there)6%
  3. Sonar Suit1%
  4. Space Suit5%
  5. Electricity Suit2%
  6. Scuba Suit  0%
  7. Sensor Suit1%
  8. Arctic Suit5%
  9. Power Suit10%
  10. '66 Batman Suit64%

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